Marksmen are a class that have come into their own as the game matured, and are now a staple, if not the staple, in every team. While the permanence of marksmen is likely something that needs to addressed (who could replace an AD Carry?), a larger and bigger issue is that of many marksmen essentially being treated as vessels for big items. The marksman changes in Preseason 6 addressed this full-on and gave many the niche and flavor they deserved, along with far more interesting itemization, but there are still several left that present classic marksman issues, or simply problems innate to their kits that prevent them from realizing their fantasies successfully. This section was initially made prior to patch 5.22, and many of the changes that happened then addressed the problems outlined here, but marksmen as a class still have a lot of room for improvement. The overarching goals for the marksman changes below are the following:

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