For the longest time, assassins have been, without a doubt, the worst-designed class in League of Legends. While every class has suffered from design issues preventing them from being as fun as they could be, assassins have suffered for years from critical gameplay issues affecting not only them, but their opponents as well. Assassins tend to be among the most binary, low-counterplay and homogenous champions around, and as a result matches often fall into two outcomes: either the assassin falls behind and becomes incapable of assassinating or contributing in any real respect, either the assassin gets ahead and kills any squishy within their reach without the latter having any real say in the matter. This isn't helped by the fact that older assassins were deliberately designed to remove counterplay, and many to this day feature mostly one-note kits that are really good at bursting enemies down, and not much else.

With that said, assassins have the potential to be incredibly fun and healthy for everyone involved: duels are at the core of every assassin's gameplay, more than for any other class, and tend to be among the most fun experiences one can have in the game. If done right, the high-risk, high-reward playstyles of assassins could lead to far more high moments for them and their targets, including moments of tension and last-second comebacks. Additionally, assassins play a critical function in the game by acting as a release valve against back liners: no matter how strong a mage or marksman gets, no matter how safe or defense-oriented their team comp, assassins have the power to jump right to them, take them down, and get out. Assassins get a lot of hate, but are an invaluable part of League of Legends, and have the power to make it a much more fun experience for everyone. The goals of the changes below are the following:

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