As the centerpiece of League of Legends, champions are the most prominent point of design and balance in the game, and constant additions and updates have shown that the landscape for champion design, implementation and classification still has tons of room for evolution and reimagination. The process for changing existing champions is often messy, with no hard-and-fast rule out there to solve what issues they may have, which are themselves as diverse and unique as the champions they pertain to. While any changes pushed to the game proper go through rigorous scrutiny and testing, even when it comes to highly experimental updates, the format of this wiki and blog space allows for much more freeform ideation: as such, many of the changes proposed here are likely to be half-baked, to be either refined or changed completely later on, and ignore the frameworks of scope, tech, animation, scheduling, plurality of designers etc. that so often define the changes pushed by Riot. There are likely a lot of reasons why many of these ideas would not make it past testing, or even ideation, just as it is likely that any of these suggestions is liable to change over time in view of revisions, ideas from others or changes to the actual game.

With that said, this space isn't to just throw around random changes or rework champions on a whim: what is just as important as the proposed suggestions, if not more important, is the reason to implement such changes in the first place. Not every champion needs a rework, but there are a great deal many champions that do not succeed as well as they should, and it is important to first frame and highlight their issues before delving into possible changes, which is why each of the following champion changelists are prefaced by a paragraph outlining their specific problem space and the proposed solution. These problems don't have to be drastic (some of these changes simply aim to improve the feel of otherwise perfectly healthy champions), but need to justify the direction of the changes that follow.

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