• Lilxtiger

    Itemization reworks

    March 5, 2016 by Lilxtiger

    This isn't finished yet.

    Support itemization is currently binary and often supports are forced to build items that do not fit with their playstyle to accomodate their teams' weaknesses, there is money chucked into stats that some supports often don't want, but have to get, for a particular active/passive, my aim is to resolve that.

    Sightstone is an item that all supports want, no question about it. It provides constant, cheap vision for supports. Yet it is overall a boring item, it provides no power to the supports themselves or their team, and provides health which some supports just don't want early, e.g. traditional supports who need AP to bolster their own allies, and who generally aren't focused, and therefore can dedicate a large porti…

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  • Lilxtiger

    Champion Reworks

    January 9, 2016 by Lilxtiger

    Here are some reworks. If they don't say DONE, then they aren't done.

    I feel that Zyra can fufill the fantasy of a zoning plant mage even better than she already does. Enemies should feel fearful of being within her seeded territory, yet that strength should come at obvious costs.

    • ===Perfect Rose===
    • Zyra starts off with a Perfect Rose.
    • Grants 7 AP per level.
    • Passive: Generates a seed every 18 seconds. (Reducible by CDR.) Can store up to 2 seeds.
    • Active: Plants a seed that is interactable with Zyra's basic abilities.

    By intergrating an essential part of Zyra's kit into her passive, I feel that we can add more abilities that can make her gameplay more satsifying. Currently her seeds feel less an ability, and more a sub-ability that's part of her Q …

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