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  • New Active: Grants sight of all enemy champions for 3 seconds, including stealthed champions. Clairvoyance cannot be activated for the first 120 seconds of the game.
  • New Active: Summons a font at the target location for 10 seconds. Allied champions can interact with the font to begin channeling, restoring 5% of their missing mana per second. The channeling will be interrupted if you take damage. 60 second cooldown.
  • Can now be used to remove suppression.
  • Icon updated to resemble chains being broken.
  • Multiple exhausts on the same target will be queued, as with health potions.
  • Self-heal reduced by ~25% (70-350 from 95-475).
    • Revised Tooltip: Heals the target for X health and grants bonus movement speed for 1 second. Also heals yourself for 75% of that amount and grants the same bonus movement speed.
Grievous Wound is now unique to Ignite, but has a slightly altered effect.
  • Grievous Wound now reduces an enemies base health regeneration to 0 for the duration. This will affect items that grant % base health regeneration, but will not affect champion abilities, potions or other forms of health regeneration.
  • If reapplied, any remaining damage will be added to the new Ignite.