Abrahamic Pantheons

Behemoth the Beast of the Earth
Leviathan the Beast of the Sea
Metatron the Scribe of God
  • Plays an RTS while everyone else is playing a third person shooter.
Ziz the Beast of the Sky
  • Touch the Sky (R) - Active: Ziz waxes in size, becoming tall enough to touch the sky with his feet on the ground. At this size, Ziz is invulnerable and untargetable, can walk over terrain, and his attacks deal substantial damage, but take a significant amount of time to complete.

Slavic Pantheon

Baba Yaga the Undying
  • Sorceress who utilizes whimsical spells to empower allies and disrupt enemies.
  • Walking House - Innate: Baba Yaga enters the battle with her iconic walking house, which she can command to move. Baba Yaha will always spawn at her Walking House, and her allies have the option to too. The house is incredibly slow to move and cowers when in the presence of an enemy god. The house can be destroyed and takes as long to respawn as the Phoenix, and has similar durability.

Yoruba Pantheon

Babaluaye the God of Illness or Osanyin the God of Medicine
  • Mage who contaminates and spreads effects around, while also having the ability to dispel poisons from allies.
Oko the God of Harvest
  • Disruptor who grows plants.
Ori the God of Destiny, Orunmila the God of Divination or Oya the God of Change
  • Disruptors with extensively delayed abilities but a substantial reward for good prediction/planning.
Osoosi the God of the Hunt
  • Support with the ability to aide his allies to find their target.
Osumare the Rainbow Serpent
  • A guardians who dazzles his enemies.
Shango the God of Power
  • Mage who specializes in explosive combos.

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