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New Ideas

Renamed Chroma

Relaunching Recolors

The existing recolor skins should be re-released as part of a Chroma pack (priced at RP 590).

  • Summoners who own any of the contained skins will receive the Chroma pack for free.
  • Legacy Chromas would be treated as Legacy skins and would only be periodically available.
  • Vintage Chromas would be treated as Traditional skins and, while officially classified as Legacy, would only be scarcely available. Existing owners would receive Vintage Artwork and the Vintage Icon.
  • If possible, skin artworks would be applied when the specific Chroma is chosen. The name and a watermark should denote that it's a Chroma.
Chroma Name Contents
AkaliSquare.png Classic - Duel Chroma
Cho'GathSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
Dr. MundoSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
EvelynnSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
EzrealSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
KayleSquare.png Classic - Vintage Chroma
KennenSquare.png Classic - Multiverse Chroma
Kog'MawSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
MalzaharSquare.png Classic - Noble Chroma
MordekaiserSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
NunuSquare.png Classic - Cryptozoology Chroma
OlafSquare.png Classic - Forsaken Chroma
PantheonSquare.png Classic - Forsaken Chroma
PoppySquare.png Classic - Prime Chroma
RyzeSquare.png Classic - Vintage Chroma
ShenSquare.png Classic - Duel Chroma
TaricSquare.png Classic - Outrageous Chroma
TeemoSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
Twisted FateSquare.png Classic - Suitor Chroma
  • Twisted FateSquare.png Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate
  • Blue variant
  • 「 Green variant, as per the classic four-colour decks (Black, Red, Blue and Green) 」「 Gold variant, as per Twisted Fate's three-color deck 」
VeigarSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
VladimirSquare.png Classic - Legacy Chroma
WarwickSquare.png Feral - Biome Chroma
That Said
I feel like the following skins would be done better justice as part of the champion's scheduled visual upgrade:
  • KennenSquare.png Deadly Kennen De-hooded, an improved mask and maybe mini-swords - all the better to Deadpool you with.
  • KennenSquare.png Swamp Master Kennen De-hooded, improved Yordle anatomy and "Chosen" weapons - Kennen would make an awesome Yoda.
  • Kog'MawSquare.png Caterpillar Kog'Maw Cute little furry caterpillar!
  • NunuSquare.png Sasquatch Nunu Eventually Nunu will get the Bristle-treatment, and we can have Nunu riding an actual gorilla-man in one of his skins.

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