Will of the Blades
Targeting Affects Damage
Passive Enemies Physical

Irelia's basic attacks mark her target for a short duration and she may have up to 4 enemies marked at any one time. Attacking a 5th target will remove the mark from the oldest. Irelia's blades will attack marked enemies within 425 range, dealing (25% AD) physical damage and applying on-hit effects. Enemies can only be attacked by one blade at a time.


  • The blade's attacks will not apply Will of the Blades, and so will not refresh their own duration.

Soul Split
Targeting Affects
Target Unit Enemy Champions

Active: You rend the soul from the target enemy champion, creating an immobile copy of them for 1.5 seconds. Any damage dealt to the soul is redirected to the target.


  • The soul is classified as a champion for targeting purposes.
  • Damage mitigation only occurs once - the soul's armor and the target's armor will not stack.
  • The soul's health bar will mirror the target's.
  • Non-damaging effects applied to the soul are not redirected to the target. Abilities such as Death Mark will fizzle upon the soul's demise, although using Death Mark upon the soul will still function as a gap-closer and will place Zed in range to damage the soul.