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  • Dragonzzilla

    • (W)
      • Anivia can now reactivate the ability to destroy the wall.
    • (E)
      • Renamed as .

    • (Innate)
      • Stacks decay one at a time after X seconds outside of combat.
    • (R)
      • now throws Tibbers to the target location instead of instantly summoning him. To compensate for this, the range of this ability is greatly increased.

    • (R)
      • Enemy champions that can be executed by Noxian Guillotine now have an indicator beneath them. This indicator is only visible to . Added in the Juggernaut Update.

    • (Innate)
      • Renamed as received an updated lore that suggests his amulet once belonged to Ascendant. One such has an ability that increases his attack speed in proportion to his cooldown reduction, i.e. how quickly he flings spells―similar to Ezreal's own innate.}}.

    • (Q)
      • Renamed as .

    • (Innate)
      • No …

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