Aatrox the Darkin Blade (Emptylord)Ability BankAdoptions
Adria & Lianne, The Twin SoulsAegis (Warframe)Aerith, The Scrap Genius
Antarya the Regnant of the GladeAo Shin the Storm Dragon (Emptylord)Apophis the Horror of the Sands
Arbiter the CustodianArlocke the DreadlordArth the Beast Hunter
AsheAssault and Battery (Warframe)Averdrian the Mind of Oblivion
Azazel the ArcanistBallistic (Overwatch Hero)Ballistic the Living Artillery
Behemoth the EarthbreakerBooker the False ShepherdChampions with Handicaps, Disabilities or Unique Physiology
Charlette the Oncoming SwarmClockblockerCritical Strike Rework
Dannis the HeadcrackerDhaMa the Force of BalanceDimitri the Battle Surgeon
Dirk the Noxian BeastmasterDraxxar, The Automata CommanderEbonmaw the Terror of Zaun
Elise the Spider Queen (Emptylord)End of Season Assassin Update (Emptylord)Eury the Damsel of Distress
Fenris the Howling WindFerox the UnyieldingFinn the Tidehunter
Fiora the Grand Duelist (Emptylord)Garm the Potion MakerGenji (Heroes of the Storm)
GlossaryHannibal the Dread VanguardHargul the Soulsnatcher
Haveris The Ionian TrackerImmobile Mage Update (Emptylord)Inkha, The Phantom Edge
Iris the Combat MedicIzo, The Blizzard PrinceJamiel the Masked Archer
Jeddica the Ice BreakerJolt the Lightning ThiefJudaeth, Messenger of the Limbo
Karma the Enlightened One (Emptylord)Kindred the Eternal Hunters (Dragonzzilla)Kindred the Eternal Hunters (Emptylord)
Kindred the Eternal Hunters (Willbachbakal)Klishma, Messenger Of LightKrolas the Lost Warrior
League of Legends (Hearthstone)League of Legends feat. Heroes of the StormLestrade (Overwatch Hero)
Leviathan the Crushing TideLor'Mak, The Void DestructorLung the Mandrake
Mag (Warframe)Malphite the Unstoppable Force (Dragonzzilla)Mana Rework
Manthas the Master of PrestigeMarosen the Cursed SoulMetatron the Voice of the Goddess
Milo the Sunfire AlchemistMowgli the ChangelingMutiny the Pirate King
Muzen'Khan the Wings of the AbyssNairu, the Bringer of DestructionNex the Gravesworn
Nighthawk the Winged FuryNostrilla the Bogey ShamanPernelle the Witch of the Wastes
Po the Dream WeaverQuantum the HolomancerRasper the Frightful Ghost
Ray the Flash MasterRe-WorkshopRe-Workshop/Duelists
Reika the Fang of ShadowsRemora the Keeper of SecretsRhus, Lord of the swamp
Riah the Plight of the SandsRosendo the Demonic SoulSandbox
Saylan the Scarlet SlayerScylliss the BattlemageSenna
Senna the Lantern's LightSenna the VindicatorSenna the Warden's Thrall
Shaco the Mad Jester (Emptylord)Shang the Kung Fu MasterSid Meier's League of Legends
Ska'Lord the UnhingedSka'Lord the Unhinged/LordSkada, the Man-o-War
Skitter the UndersiderSona the Maven of the Strings (Emptylord)Spacetime Support (Sandbox)
Suggestion WikiSuggestion Wiki/Navigation linkSyndra the Dark Sovereign (Emptylord)
Taric the Gem Knight (Emptylord)Teek the Mischievous SpriteThane the Thunder Warrior
Titan the Case 53Urgot the Chem Baron (Emptylord)Valanx the Darkin Axe
Var'Dil the Serpent of the VoidVerandar, Last Scion of House IlandrosVez the Zaunite Enforcer
Wilros the Savant of DemaciaYaengo, the Flux KnightYaga the Stray Little Witch
Yorick the Gravedigger (Emptylord)Zargonil the Striker ToadZelos the Ionian Sergeant
Ziz the Last Light

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